• AUTOPLUS is an E-commerce platform that provides online merchants with a scalable shopping cart system, as well as control over their online store's look, content and functionality. It is an e-commerce platform written in ASP.Net (MVC) that allows to make online transaction activities, buying/selling products, managing orders on real time bases. AUTOPLUS E-Commerce Platform , Specially designed for educational sectors to manage ongoing daily routine tasks and activities smartly. The system is written in ASP .NET (MVC) and paired with a Microsoft SQL Database. The system design pattern includes a customized features plugin architecture and a custom UX/UI Design template system.

    AUTOPLUS E-commerce Areas:

    • Visitors Stack Panel

      • Responsive UX/UI Design It should go without saying that designing responsive website is a mandatory skill for any Melbourne web design company. Whatever will be the device size, AUTOPLUS will provide best user experience to its customers.
      • Navigation Wireframe
      • Attractive Retinal Catching Content Stacks
      • Cross Browser Support AUTOPLUS support UI/Ux design across all the browser.
      • Dynamic Instant Landing Alert
      • News Highlights On The Go
      • Events listing with live Maps support
    • Administrative System Management

      • Admin Panel

        The admin panel interface where administrators and other site officials with appropriate privileges can manipulate AUTOPLUS
        E-commerce platform. Through admin panel dashboard administrator can manage their products, orders and transaction activities.

      • Products Listings

        Ecommerce product listing service includes the placing of product in the list at AUTOPLUS e-commerce platform. Website according to the specifications of products like colour, shape, size, price, etc.

      • Multi Category

        A list of two or more content on the page representing an entire category of items for sales.

      • Social media Linking

        Social media channels to promote product that inspires social shares with links. A Tweet, Facebook status update that includes a link to the product being promoted are all examples of social links. They are useful for amplifying your message and minimizing the time it takes someone to compose a social media message about your content.

      • SEO Support

        It is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

      • Powerful E-commerce Features

        • Pricing information with potential sales or discounts In AUTOPLUS asministration can mention the product price, it’s a good idea to mention if there’s any discount or promotional offers.The common practice is to strike through the previous price and write the new price with the discount percentage in brackets.
        • A field to change purchase quantities After the product price, customer has the option to select the quantity regarding the product, it will help the customer to save the time.
        • Trust signal around “Add to Cart” button In AUTOPLUS, add to cart trust signal is also mentioned there for the customer to make their decision more positive.
        • Store management Product specifications, like – categories, colours, descriptions, sizes etc should be very easily editable from the backend of your site without assistance from a developer.
        • Fast loading AUTOPLUS has the ability to load fast page so that customer can save its time and browse more in the platform.Customers will definitely leave a site if it takes more time to load.
        • Cart Checkout details AUTOPLUS provides cart detail regarding the product name, price and quantity of the individual products for its customers.
        • Good quality of product images with zoom in functionality It provides high quality images that can be zoomed in to view the product more specifically.
        • Email marketing integration as in automobile industry, email marketing helps the customer and company to sort and resolve the problem and queries between them and also providing features of personalised mails that are very useful to increase conversations.
    • Powerful Publishing Tools

      • Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking Support
      • Social Media Integration
      • Exemplary Support / Customizations