• LUIEDU PORTAL is one of the top most end-to-end solution specially designed for educational sectors.

  • LUIEDU PORTAL is a web based educational platform which enables you to manage your educational sector's daily routine tasks and activities smartly. With the implementation of LUIEDU PORTAL statistics shows that the LUIEDU PORTAL smartly simplifies and automate the routine tasks, but also provides you more control, visibility and reporting with real-time activities and management.

  • LUIEDU PORTAL is tightly cuppled with a powerful educational system with all backend administration functions of the educational sectors and online application to bring management, administration, parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. It significantly reduces resource efforts spent on administrative tasks, also helps to improve data consistency and efficiency.

  • LUIEDU PORTAL is a result of years of research in global education sectors. LUIEDU PORTAL has shown tremendous proven results globally specific to educational sectors the system design pattern is build in a very efficient and flexible manner so that LUIEDU PORTAL welcomes the custom requirements for any educational sector for specific requirements accordingly.


  • Visitors Stack Panel

    • Responsive UX/UI Design
    • Navigation Wireframe
    • Attractive Retinal Catching Content Stacks
    • Cross Browser Support
    • Dynamic Instant Landing Alert
    • News Highlights On The Go
    • Events listing with live Maps support
  • Administrative System Management Features:

      • Configure System

        Organization info is about getting started by adding a organization profile and registering basic details like : Organization Logo, Organization Name, Email, Contact, Fax etc.

      • Portal Accounts

        Accounts are the primary feature of any management system, It collects information from of a single user to register and presents users with the most relevant information of their context. The registration form requires the information like email, password, designation etc. The most powerful is feature is bulk account to create number of multiple accounts with just a single click.

      • Account Roles

        Account roles is about to define users with a user role having defined rights of system modules to access accordingly. By default the system role is super admin having rights of all system modules and functionalities. Super admin can manage to restrict or to assign accesss to the system modules user wise accordingly.

      • Multi Campus Management

        Luiedu spports multi campus management. User having campus right have access to added and delete accordingly. Each campus can be manage and operational and independent from other users.

      • Subjects / Courses

        Educational courses/subjects to ber egistered and can be manage from the portal by Administration.

      • Classrooms

        Classroom is a pre-requisite module of a LUIEDU Portal. Administration can manage all classroom activities with just few clicks. Administration can manage classroom once the classroom is created. Administration can assign/manage subjects, courses to a particular classroom. Once the classroom is created teachers and students can be a part of a particular class and can easily manage accordingly.

      • LUIEDU Portal Go Live

        Go-Live is a tremendous feature of LUIEDU Portal through users can enjoy Live Video Streaming on the go with powerful administration control.

      • Muilti Class Section

        Muilti Class Section(s) is related to manage multiple classes section(s) of a particular class independently.

      • Assignments

        Course/subject assignments can be published directly through LUIEDU Portal administration panel as well as by a teacher panel to their related classes, groups, or a specific user, during publishment of asssignment teacher can also attach a assignment document in various formats. Meanwhile student(s) can submit their assignments in a form of multiple document file formats. The teachers can easily check the assignment(s) on real-time basis and can submit the assignments grading and remarks accordingly with more flexible features

      • Time-Table Designer

        A timetable is a primary element of any operational department, With the help of Time-Table Designer administration can easily define shift hours and class schedules accordingly that indicates the time of arrival and class schedules.

      • Academic Clander

        Academic Clander indicate(s) the frequently up comming events that are organized by the administration, It displays schedule of all of the events that occur in an academic year. These events may include examination dates, spring break or reading week and the last day of the semester. It comes with some attractive UI/UX features.

  • Powerful Publishing Tools

    • Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking Support
    • Social Media Integration
    • Exemplary Support / Customizations